How can I make an object spawn behind the player once they get to a specific location?

I understand that you can spawn an object by pressing a key if you set up a proper blueprint for it, but how can I make an object spawn automatically once the player gets to a specific location. Let’s say the player moves and goes to an area on the map, how could I specify where that location is and make an actor spawn behind them once they’ve gotten there? Below is the event graph for spawning by pressing the letter F

You can add a trigger volume at the desired location and do the spawn when player overlaps it (in level BP):

The rotation can be wathever, in my example the spawned actor gets the player rotation.

The actor will spawn each time the player enters the volume, but you can put a “do once” node if this is a single event (or destroy the volume if not needeed anymore).

Hi, when I use GetActorTransform I get the node below. I can’t seem to get the same one for some reason.