How can I make an object bounce?

I’m learning Unreal Engine and I’ve just started my first project: a Pong game clone.

I’ve been following this tutorial to learn how to map player input with Pawn movement.

On that tutorial they use SlideAlongSurface function but I don’t know if I can use that function to make a ball bounce when it collisions with a player’s stick. I don’t know if there are functions to make a ball bounce of I have to write down the code because I haven’t found any example (yes, maybe I’ve used the incorrect words) or tutorial about bounce.

How can I make a ball bounce when it collisions with another object?

Maybe my confusion is that there is another fuction similar to **SlideAlongSurface ** to make a ball bounce.

I did a Pong game months ago, but unfortunately I deleted the project.

But I remember not using the Pawn base class to create the “square ball”, I used a simple Actor.

I also remember adding a projectile movement component to it and changing some configurations. I believe something related to bouncing.

Take a look at this docs