How can I make an instance-editable variable cause the Construction Script to run when it changes?

I have a blueprint that updates itself in the construction script. Part of how it updates itself depends on the value of a variable. The level designer can update that variable on each instance. After they do, they have to move that object in order for the construction script to update the object to the new variable.

Is there a way I can get the variable change itself to cause the construction script to run? Or some other way I can get the construction script to run without having to move the object? Like a button or toggle that causes it to run?

I do not know what you mean but when you change any parameter bp will be auto re constructed I think. At least when I change a param I observe it. To observe it, add a int param then attach const. root to print string box. That will print hello when const. happens.

Not in blueprint, in C++ you can call ExecuteConstruction

C++ can’t detect variable changes, editor does that by on actions in property editor as well as gizmo movements, you would either need to make get or set function or detect change on tick or do construction on action that cause change of property.

Did you ever find a answer?

I have exactly the same problem.Did you find every a solution. It’s simply leads to confusion when people change “instance editable” values which are used in constructor and it is not running and updating the mesh/actor. Would be nice to make the constructor run when on some way when instance editable values are changed.