How Can I Make An Enemy Spawn? AI?

So in the fighting game me and my team are making, we have our first character in-game with some basic motion captured moves (Idle, Jump, Forward Movement, Backward Movement, Attack). He is working fine, but we want to actually test this out for real. So my question is how can I create an enemy pawn, is there a video about this, or something? Because we want to be able to have an enemy spawn and be able to fight him. We have animations so how can we get the Ai to fight us back and try to kill us?

BONUS: How do we do ragdoll physics? We are not going to have that in the final game, we would have hitboxes/ box components, but we want to test some physics out to see if it’s all good.

Your question is a complicated one. Spawning is rather easy. You can do that using the Level Blueprint and instancing the Blueprint class of the enemy pawn. If you don’t want to procedurally spawn pawns you can just drag and drop using the editor. For the enemy pawn you should look into the AIController. You need to set the controller for the enemy pawn as an AI Controller. Next thing you have to do is program the AI. There are many tutorials on Youtube for this. I suggest looking at zoombapup’s AI tutorials to kind of get an idea of how AI works.
For ragdoll physics look into the PhAT tool provided within UE4. Tesla provides a good tutorial on that.

thanks srkibria for youtube links, they will surely help me a lot:)