How can I make an enemy ai jump over object?

Hi, my enemies correctly follow and look at my player, but I can’t get jumping on a ledge to work correctly, i tried the “nav link proxy”, but with that I can only make the enemy drop off ledges, so what can i do?

P.S. I can’t use c++

Not at all. Nav Link Proxy is something you can create all types of links between nav meshs. You could place it next to a door to make the AI aware of it, you can make the AI jump off a ledge or jump onto something.

Here is an example:

You use those for all none directly connected surfaces in your nav mesh. Take another look at the content examples. If you keep having issues with this give me a heads up and I will look what I can do to provide an example.

ok ok I’ll watch the content examples thank you very much.

I’ve downloaded the content example and I watched it, but I can’t still jump my ai enemies

I’m not near an engine right now but does this previously answered question help?

No it doesn’t help me because it doesn’t explain how to create a “nav link proxy” that make the ai jump on a ledge

It doesn’t help me
what can i do?