How can i make an animation starting the level?

Hi Guyz, Well im a noob since i´ve started with UE4 few weaks ago, and what i want to know is, How can i make an animation starting the level?, I mean the idea is make the character awaking standing up and then start to walk…move around etc, but i dont get anywhere how can i do that, plz it´s getting me out of my nerves, oh btw, i have the animation from Mixamo as all the animations, the character is in First Person with a socket on the head

Yeah i was looking for Matinee but i want to do it in First Person, and the camera of Matinee doesn´t attach to my character or the socket which the PlayerCamera is attached

Hello DanteAbe,

The best way to achieve this is with some Blueprint scripting and some time using the Matinee / cinematics system.

you will have to setup a blueprint telling the game to play the sequence on start or play once in the game, Then you will have to set up your animations and key frames. The two links I provided should help you flow in the right direction

Matinee system also has some Effects built in and you can make your own as well. I hope this helps!

if all you looking to do is play an animation when the level begins the go into the level bp, get a reference to your character and use something like a play animation node. though the game will be viewed through the character camera by default when the game starts fo you may want to look into using a combination of things to get the desired result.

you may be able to set this up in the Mantinee system, I have limited experience with it but I’m pretty sure you can tell it to “attach too” either the actor or a bone.

Look into the Construction scripts in blueprints. Drag your actor into the scene, open the level blueprint and on play - Get matinee camera Get Player actor, set up an attach too component.

Here is another post with a similar workflow that could work for you.

hmmm ok…gonna try it, but What about to make the “Spawn Animation” Just once, i mean for example, my character die and it starts again from the begining so again it starts with the animation standing up and then change to the idle animation then ready for walk,could be possible with Blueprint or the StateMachine?

totally, once you have your Matinee animation every-time you “die” you can call on the function to play again, the only thing you have to do is define this in a blueprint system as for that i cannot help you I’m not much of a programmer.

I assume you have your character controller set up for how it controls the pawn, next you will need to define what can cause death, how it handles it.

I could imagine that it would rag doll or hide the player on death, Teleport back to the starting location while hidden, Play the Animation from the Matinee and un-hide the player to begin again.

Your gonna have to Play some R’N’D with what will work.

this might help you in that direction

Oh right gotcha, i made a matinee so everytime it starts the animation works then the character is playable but still cant attached the matinee camara as first person as the camera character it is, only that and everything is done but there is no way how can i make it.