How can I make Add force and Add Torque behave consitently with different framerates?


So I have a object that I add a force and torque when either pressing right click or left MB. But I have the issue that when I press LMB with a lower framerate, I get launched up alot.

Like mentioned, Im just adding the force when I press my mouse button but how can I make it frame rate independent? I tried multiplying the vectors by world delta seconds and then pinning it into addforce but that doesnt work on different framerates because i on higher framerates it would barely move. Any advice?

I’d use @BoredEngineer’s MMT plugin… it’s excellent… it uses a special Tick with physics substepping. There is a thread here on the forum (or on the AnswerHub)

Just run physics off the MMT Tick, and normal stuff (like camera movements) off normal Tick