How can I make a world map game with country/province borders highlighted?

I would like to work on something similar to the many world map based games (here’s an example:

But I’m not sure if such thing is even possible in UE4, especially when it comes to the map. Most importantly how can I even draw borders and colors of provinces/countries in a dynamic way and make them change colors etc when a province is annexed by another country etc…

I’m not sure this is doable via BPs, so I’m wondering does anyone have any idea on how to do this in C++?

Thank you

2D or 3D? Either way seems like you’d have a few layers from bottom to top: A “base layer” with all the states, a “border layer” with all the state borders, and an “area control layer” with all the borders to outline zone control.

Something like that, with some border logic in the background, and it would simply be a matter changing colors of individual borders.

Thank you for the reply. Yeah that’s what I thought too. I think most world map games use 2D map and edit it with height. But I don’t mind either.

The only problem is how to draw or change color of borders in UE4. Do you know if there’s a function for that or can it be done with C++?

Right now, my main goal is to be able to draw borders like that and make color dynamically controlled by the code.

You can sort your borders by a grayscale value, and when you want to set a color of a border you get that border’s grayscale value and use that as a mask to color that border.