How can I make a weapon usable underwater?

I’m currently working on a harpoon gun mod and since it is a harpoon it should be usable underwater. However I can’t find the right property to enable this (I based my blueprints of the bow blueprints).
Am I missing something or how can I get this to work underwater?

The only properties for even a pike (based on Primal Item Weapon Generic Ammoless) related to water are “use in water restore durability” “durability requirement ignored in water” and “only can use in water”. As far as I understand any weapon can be used to melee in water including bows. You could attempt altering the property “can use swimming” but not even pikes use that property.

Okay I tried using the “can use swimming” porperty, but that makes an item usable only when you are swimming on the surface not underwater. But anyway, thanks for your quick reply!

Easiest thing to do is see what the dev’s do with their crossbow. I expect there to be a new weapon type base that you could use.

Yep, sounds reasonable. Gonna wait for that then.

While going through the C4 stuff I found Allow Submerged Firing in the WeapC4 blueprint. It’s in the Weapon Section of the BP. Chances are this is what you’re looking for.
You’ll have to go through each item you’re modifying and find the Weap BP for them and modify that for underwater use.

YES IT WORKED! Thank you a million times, that was exactly what I needed! :smiley:
Only had to enable this property on the gun item itself (equivalent to the WeapC4 blueprint) and now it works like a charm.

Awesome man. Glad I could help.