How Can I make A weapon Mesh (Railgun) into a Working Weapon?

Anyone know how I can make a weapon Mesh (Railgun) into a Working Weapon and picking it up?



You’ve got a very broad question here that I will do my best to point you to some tutorials and information that may help in getting you setup. Unfortunately, there is not a specific “How do I make a rail gun” tutorial, so you’ll have to take some of the information and tweak it to your needs.

First you’ll want to familiarize yourself with our information sources:

You’ll want to learn a combination of things to get everything working though. Some of the areas you’ll need to know for this are:

  • Animations
  • Rigged Weapons
  • Particle Effects with Cascade
  • Blueprints for setting up the weapon

Here is Fighter’s tutorial for setting up a custom weapon to get you started with some basics.



Thx - quite complex.