How can I make a terrain that can be modified via blueprint scripting?

I would like to make a terrain which can be modified via blueprint scripting.
The idea is to have random terrain features(like mountains and hills) be added at world creation.
It doesn’t need to be super detailed, as it is going to be a top down view.

Ive already checked and previous questions showed that landscaping can’t be modified via blueprints.
Is there another way to do this?

(I need 200 reputation to create a ‘dynamic terrain’ tag?! … face palm )

Right now, terrain using blueprint would be performed using a series of static meshes that you swap in and out. I doubt that is what you are after, but if it is look for my map generator threads in the forums.

For terrain resembling landscape, what we need in runtime blueprint is access to landscape, and/or the ability to create dynamic meshes.