How can I make a survival game? I can't find any tutorials!

Please help! I have no idea how to make a survival game in UE4. I know it is possible in Unity and there are many tutorials for unity but Unreal Engine is much better in my opinion. I searched and searched and couldn’t find any help. It is just me and my friend but we are willing to do a lot of work for the game and put time and effort into it. Rather it uses coding or (preferably) blueprint it would be great to get some help.

Watch the tutorials on epics YouTube channel. You are trying to make something far too advanced for your skill level.

I’m following this playlist right now and it’s absolutely great.
The downside is that this guy only uses blueprints and I’m more into coding, but still, he creates the survival game from scratch and even gives some assets for your HUD.
It starts from implementing a Hunger and Stamina bar and then proceeds into implementing inventory system and so on.

best asset ive seen now not UE$ product but expand on his and u got full game… hes put good thought into code

too behind now for making a game of the basic set… ie fps, rpg, side, topdown… out of those realms okay learning is where you expand…