How can I make a sphere planet generate with gravity and a voxal under ground?

The Idea is to have a planet with gravity and a voxal terrain where you could dig through the planet and be able to come out the other side. I dont know any coding and am the artist of the team but need help with this I know its pretty advanced but hope some one will know what to do. Thanks!


assuming you are able to generate a sphere like ball made of voxels (a la’ minecraft) …
I think the major problem you would face is the physics aspect of your conundrum.
Having the player be “upside down” and still able to jump requires a bit of physics knowledge that unreal won’t come out of the box with AFAIK.

i.e. think of it that way… assume you stand on top of the planet (then again where is the “top” of a planet ? :slight_smile: )

you dig down in a straight line… you would come out feet first on the “bottom side” of the planet… and fall “down” ?

if you cannot define how the “turn” happens then you have a lost cause :slight_smile:

its a nice idea on paper but in practice … well good luck :slight_smile:

Well I am new to this but my thought process was to make the world affected by a square gravity and the voxals more polyvoxals. Hopefully this helps.