How can i make a sound play only in a widget?

I am making a horror game and i want to add a sound in my ‘‘start menu’’ widget…I try to add a sound inside but i cant make it stop when the game starts…i want you to tell me how to make it stop…If there is a way to do this…i search everywhere and i cant find somwthing…Plz help me!!!

How do you mean “Play only in a widget”? Do you want background music on the Start Menu then when you click the ‘Play Game’ button the background music stops and the game starts?

yes. i already have put a main sound in my game and i want to put a sound in my start widget too, but i cant…if i put the sound at in the 3d game i have to let it not paused and if i let it not paused i will make a music mass…plz help meee

this post might help you: