How can I make a slider control the rotation of a static mesh?

I want to create a slider that controls the rotation of a static mesh (on the z-axis). How can I do this?

The slider has an “on value changed” event in the designer window. Start from that and you should be able to fix it up any way you like.

I am using a custom slider from a VR-Plugin. I know how to create an Event node wich has a float output bound to the slider percentage. Since I am new to this I don’t know where to go from here.

Not sure how that slider works, but this is how I would accomplish the same task with a normal slider.

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hi @Gandmof

What @jay001020 suggested was spot on, only addition i would make is something to limit or multiply the amount of rotation.


If the rotation is 360 you would divide 360 by 100 (3.6) times by the slider value (if its by percentage that is, if its a value then adjust the math accordingly)

Same math works for any rotation limit just swap out the 360 with the limit value.


Perhaps you’re unsure how to reference the desired mesh in the first place. How do you, as the VR player, know which mesh to rotate?

Also, since we’re in VR and things are usually rotated all over the place, the above suggestions do not account for existing rotations, and could result in a jerky motion - do tell if that’s an issue.

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thanks for your input. I started from jay001020s suggestion and modified so that it works for my custom slider.