How can I make a scoring system in blueprints?

Hey, I’m looking for a step by step on how to first implement a score system using blueprints and the to tie it to my movement?

My game is basically just survive as long as you can, but I noticed while testing I could sit away from the enemies not moving and not get hit for a long time due to their random nature. I wanted to combat this by making it so the score system is tied to movement and you do not score any points unless you’re moving.

I wanted my score system to go up 50 or 100 points every second (While the player is in motion) I have no idea how to create a score system in UE4 so I’m going to need a dumbed down step by step.

Please help?

Hi man ,
Its quite simple, you can do that in a lot of ways .
For example, regardless how you move it, you can use another actor to watch the position of the player.
reading his position he can ( in the tick event) compare if the new position is enough far from the old position , and if it is , add a bonus at your score. Quite simple.
And here there are some good videos to build up a score system and store that.

I know it’s been 4 years but here’s for other people that might be looking for something like this.

Here the player gets points by moving on x axis, but you can easily implement it for all axes.