How can I make a new animation for a skeletal mesh

Hi guys

I was wondering how to make my own character animation like a punch or stab
I cannot find anything on YouTube. Could someone please help me!!!

Animations cannot be made in the Unreal Engine itself, actually I’m not sure if you can, but even if you could it isn’t good practice. You will want to create models/animations in 3d software. I personally use Autodesk 3ds but there are alternatives like Blender.

You would need your own rigged and skinned model to make animations, or you could try exporting Unreal Engines default character and try making animations for that.

Basically you should be looking into the following things:

  • Modeling/Sculpting and texturing in 3d software
  • Rigging and Skinning in 3d software
  • Animating in 3d software
  • Exporting the model, with all it’s animations, and all of the model’s maps like texture maps/uv maps etc.
  • Importing all of the above to the Unreal Engine
  • Using an animation blueprint to make your character out of those imported files.

It’s alot of work and this is usually a 2 - 3 man job.


This may help to

[Epic Games Animation and Rigging Toolkit

ART: Animation & Rigging Toolkit Overview | 01 | Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube