How can I make a mirror in UE4?

Does anyone have a tutorial or know of one for making a mirror in unreal engine 4

I think you asking how to make mirror material

…well you could create a camera with the opposite vector in which the player is in relation of a surface…

But you can also create a material (like an actual surface) which simply reflects everything. That would be what you’re looking for I think…

Look at the free example “Reflections” there is a mirror material Assets\Materials\M_Mirror.uasset

This is made with materials and not blueprint.

Okay for some reason I dont have the free content, would someone mind uploading that material?

If it is not included in the starter content it definitely is in the content examples which you can download from the marketplace.

You should get that one anyway because it contains a ton of really great stuff and examples for how to do blueprint/material/animation/leveldesign related things!

Erasio, thanks! But I have a limited bandwidth connection and I have to pay like $3 for 1GB of internet. Would you mind uploading that specific mirror material if it’s not against EULA or anything, you know. Thanks again

For the next one searching for a tutorial on mirrors: UE4 Tutorial 101 - Perfect Dynamic Mirrors - YouTube