How can i make a mask blurry in material?

I have a mask derived from a height map which is generated by material functions. Now the mask I’m getting from this has zero to 1 hard edges. Is there a way to blur this mask where the white becomes black?

Like, if I made the mask myself I could easily do this in photoshop by using gaussian blur. But the material I’m making constantly changes and so does the mask. So is there a dynamic way to blur it inside the material itself?

If you have a way to shift the coordinates of the mask (ie: move the mask left/right or up/down), then it’s just a matter of duplicating your mask a bunch of times and LERPing between them all evenly.
I actually made a function that can do this effect quite nicely, and the most complex version even does some per-pixel dithering to get even more blur: link

Wow man that is AWESOME! How do I install your tool though? I’m pretty new at Unreal, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

AFAICR you should just be able to download it and stick it in to your content folder