How Can I Make A Line Trace Ignore Player Capsule?

Hi, Today I wanted to make a Line Trace ignore the player capsule so I could get what part of the body the line trace hits so If the line trace hits a head it will deal twice the damage and if it hits his leg it will deal twice less damage.
I’m using the linetraceforobjects node.


Capsule component is for simple collision. You can set capsule ignoring collision or disable capsule collision just as I did in my project and it working good with player and ai. Your character mesh must have collision enabled in this case of course. Then, breaking hit result (trace) you will see what bone is hit.

Hi Vaheva,
I don’t know what you’re trying to say could you show my how you did it ?
Thanks, Nijo

Normally I have editor open, but not today, good you have it. I change comment to answer, so you can close question.

I fixed It :smiley: Thanks for helping :slight_smile: