How can I make a level design like 'RPG Maker'

As you know, UE4 can make 2d game, but it is only 2d scroll game. I want make a level like ‘RPG Maker’ please see below picture.

I want to combine 2d game and 3d game.
If you have any the information about it, please tell me. :slight_smile:

As you did not state what you like to archieve by combining 2d and 3d, i assume you like the overview similar to the 2d pic but also be able to Switch to 3d. to do this, you just build the 3d and use a camera (and optionally post-effect) from above to get a view similar to the 2d view.

They did this in The Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time, when Link was in his house in Kokiri Forest. See here at 5:10:
[video][/video] . How, I dont know.