How can i make a ghillie suit for a weapon on any of the modeling software's out there

sp o made a sniper rifle and this weapon will look perfect with the ghillie camo rapped around it but how to i do this quickly without spending hours and hours trying to wrap polygons around the weapon? i want something like this Main_L96A1_Holiday_Wolf.jpg maya preferably

Learn to enjoy the process of spending hours wrapping polygons :P.

That image looks like the foliage is just a texture on the sniper, that’s pretty easy to achieve, just modify the texture with images of foliage.
Or if you want actual geometry added on top and done really fast you could try duplicating the mesh in the spots where you want foliage and modifying that.

Either way, shouldn’t take hours.

You could also use uv mapped planes (like you create grass meshes) and wrap one of the around the gun. After that just duplicate it and deform it a little bit. :slight_smile:
Or do it like in day z so that you dont have to wrap them around the gun -> ://

thanks guys ill check out the dayz one i just dont want thousands of polygons its already a pretty high in poly weapon