How can i make a full game when blueprints cant keep functioning from a certain size?

When my blueprint class becomes too big it takes a lot of time to compile it when i’m making changes and sometimes it even crashes while compiling .
A solution to this was to make a child blueprint and work on it, the problem is that i have to replaces all the references of that blueprint in the level .

So i tried to approach it an other way, i’v made about 3 blueprints ,1 parent of 2 parent of 3… and use the “3” blueprint in the scene and while editing the “1” blueprint .
The problem with this one is that when ever i compile the blueprint i work on ( “1” - parent of all ) . it takes a lot of time to compile ether, because this blueprint affect a lot of children blueprints .

If there was a way to make a new child while needed and replace all of the parentblueprint instances with that new child, that would be great !
Is there any way to do this ?

And it seems like that blueprints ( Not only one ) are becoming problematic too, they wont work in 4.2 and wont work in a packaged game, can i send these blueprints or this project to someone in Epic’s team so he can take a look on it ?

Spawn blueprints from you base blueprints.

Split types of funcionality in separate blueprint like inventory or weapons or potattoes, and spawn from the player when the game start. Because it is the player who spawn it is easy work with them.

Thanks. these are blueprints that are sitting in the level and a client already made changes to each one of theme and they are all different so they have to be present in the editor before play time.
I was thinking about separating their functionality but i hoped there is a more simple solution…

How big exactly? My map generator blueprint file is 4MB in size and works fine. It has more than 100 functions and at least 150 variables.

But yeah, you should follow erWilly’s advice and split functions up into separate blueprints if things are bogging down and becoming unstable.

That is why you separate their functionality before it becomes too complicated to do so, that is the simple solution.

Also, you might consider splitting your level up into sub-levels/streams and other persistent levels. That might help you as well.

Thanks, as it seems your blueprint is a lot bigger then mine, but my blueprint got about 7 custom events that recieve puleses from the original Tick node, could it be the case ? btw, how long does your blueprint takes to compile once you hit he compile button .

It really depends on how many changes for the compile, but usually around 4-6 seconds. If I change my tile parent then it can take a minute to compile all the children(30 of them).

I have heard that using Tick a lot can be a real performance hog. I think there are some alternate methods of doing Ticks but I am not sure what those are as I haven’t really used tick.

Thanks, I guess the multiple tick events are the problem… I guess i have to find a more efficient way.

You can only have one tick event per blueprint. And don’t forget that ticking lots of things in VERY expensive.