how can i make a content who can be added to any project

how can i make a content who can be added to any project
like i want to make a map and i want to add it to another project
the problem is the map has alot of materials assets i bought it from market place
if i want to migrate it will create alot of folders on the project content (it will be messy ) and i want it to be in one folder
to be organized

There’s different ways to organize content. Generally you’ll have a folder for meshes, one for materials, one for textures etc. If you stick to the folder structure used in Epic’s example content, and always stick to it, you should have a pretty good basis to merge and/or transfer files from and to different projects (because all your directories will have the same name and location).

Another possibility is to add related content to the same folder. For example, when you import models and textures from Speedtree, the software tends to automatically add all that content grouped together. This way, everything is in the same place. However, I personally prefer having separate folders for different types of content. Standardisation and organisation are key. :wink:

thanks but .i already know that … the problem that when i merge somthing ittl copy all the references and the references in alot of folders because alot of assets came from deferent marketplace content actually i can import all the marketplace content i have on the project itll be a very big project itll hit 10 GB
. while i just use 1GB so i want to make project small and organized… and another problem that when i try to move alote of assets from foldr to folder the editor crashes