How can I make a character actually wall run?

What I want is to have my characters basic movement stay the same, just on the wall, instead of locking my character to the wall for a few seconds, Like in this game Actually Robot 64 - YouTube at 1:17

Trace around the character (or use a colission component), If you are at a Wall Change to flyMode (character movement) or reduce Gravity of the char to 0 or a Low number

I will definitely try that out ! once i can figure out how to get the collision box to recognize 90 degree angles

You can check out this system if you haven’t already - it’s not exactly what you want but it may point you in the right direction and with some modifications of this you may get exactly what you need. Live Stream Archive - tutorial - Clamber System - YouTube

For example add two Box colliders in the Side of the char, Setup overlap with Wall collission Channel, then you know which Side is near a Wall. You can also fire a linetrace in overlap to get a hitresult, There you have the Impact niemals you can use for Angle calculation

The issue with these answers is that I dont just want the side of my character to stick to walls, I want the entire character to actually rotate and walk on the walls freely for a short period of time

I’ve been trying this out lately, and turns out it’s a bit difficult, for starters you probably won’t be able to use a character movement component at all, as it’s up vector is hard-coded to the world up direction, so you’d need to disable that (as well as gravity) and use your own ‘custom gravity’ to hold the character onto the wall, then use more custom forces to actually move the player in the world.

For example, I’ve been playing with this in a spider drone, and I found it easier to make a pawn blueprint (not character). Have a constant line trace beneath the pawn to get the normal vector of the surface below the pawn, then use the AddForce node to create a ‘Custom Gravity’ that pushes the pawn toward that detected normal vector, which enables it to walk up a slope and keep walking parallel to the surface - creating wall walking.
To allow the drone to rotate to a 90° wall, I also used a second line trace at the front of the drone to detect a wall normal vector, then set the ‘Custom Gravity’ to that direction.

Note: getting/managing rotation to look/move around was probably the hardest part, you need to generate new ‘rotated world coordinates’ - this thread helped with that

Spider drone walk walking video example

I would recommend turning the world around the player. Calculate new positions for all actors in the scene and apply them (Don’t forget to rotate the actors). You should also use a custom animation with this, where the player places it’s feet onto the wall. Disable movement on the pawn until everything is in place. If your scene is large and/or packed, you might have to do some calculations up front or delay them, to secure a steady frame rate.

If you are considering this, and want more ideas, I’ll try to provide more help.