How can I make a bone of my character aim at my crosshair?

It’s very unclear exactly what you are trying to achieve. Try adding some more information to the question so people can help you out.

The crosshair is on the screen, do you mean where aim at where the crosshair is pointing at in the game world?

Do you want your characters upper body to rotate with the direction you are aiming (the crosshair)? What “bone” do you want to “aim” at the crosshair?

This is still very unclear. Please explain what you are trying to accomplish so we can help you =)

Hi guys thanks for your response, sorry I didn’t explain very well I’m a bit of a social spastic when it comes to forums. But if you can help I’d very much apretiate it.
My character is a mech mainly 3rd person but occasionally zooms to first person, I have aminated the walk /run in all directions jump ect. Ive also animated the aim offsets for all the upper body shoulders and upper arms. all this works and looks great. The head of the mech is like a camera lens with a laser sight attached to the side of it, I have a socket attached to the bone of the head in front of the laser sight which has a line trace out from the camera which gives me a laser beam and a hit point. I’ve figured this much out and all works great.
What I would like is the head bone and the forearm bone ( that has guns mounted on it) to always point at the hit point created by the laser sight.
Is it possible to control the rotation of bones this way? If so how do I do it?
Thanks in advance

It is possible. You need to override the animation in that bone and change its world rotation. I guess you’ll also have to apply some constraints to prevent self-collisions etc.; try searching the forums for excluding bones from animation.