How Can I Make a Bioshock Electric Hands Power?

Hey Guys!

I would like to introduce a Eletric Power, launched by hands to my game, like bishock, but i have some ideas of how to do it, like a weapon script, but i have many doubts on it.

  • Its a power attack, but work like a second gamability, like when the “Power Mode” selected, some things have increased, like player speed, and dedicated anims.

  • I would like to make variations, like: 1 - High Damage, Low Fire Rate / 2 - Low Damage, High Fire Rate.

  • And a special “Ammo” for it, like plasmids on bioshock

  • And work like a basic weapon: Fire, Concentrated Fire, Idle…

  • And i have to deal with particles, i would like what kind of particle is better for this kind of fire

  • And what kind of fire like: Projectile or Instant

  • *Dont worry about anims, i already have it ready!

Many thanks for your time!

Some References:

Hi, For electroshock, I think it will be ok to make instant damage, there is an example in content example where you can launch a fire ball or water, and there is also an example with electric shock particle. So there is a start. :).

Many thanks for the direction mate!