How can I make a big map?

Hello, as a title, I’m planning to make a bigger map as the island… I’ ve tried with the world composition and tiled landscape from WM, but when I import it the adk doesn’t work properly… it just stuck tiles in the middle of the working area one up the other like pages of a book… world composition is not supported from the ADK? Or is just an error? there is other way to made a map bigger ( level streaming of course ), like Ragnarok or Volcano… how do they do it?

I’m clueless as to how to actually piece together a map, but the physical size of the island is around maximum supported by UE4. What the other maps do to make a map wider is reduce the map height ceiling, giving them additional volume to stretch out.

The terrain itself does not need to be streamed (divided into seperate files) You need to learn about streaming the foliage and rocks to make a bg map. Check out my examples maps to get started:

Also, here’s my post with a download to the actual ARk map ‘The Island’ so you can look at that to get n idea of how to set your specs in WM:!&highlight=height+map

So … here is the “catch”
You cna make it as big as you want, but, thats a big misleading.
You have to stay within X/Y 1,000,000 / - 1,000,000
Actual is like 1.2mil/-1.2mil
Issue is that replication and the engines (at the version of ARK) ability to manage things the further from X/Y 0 you get.
A good sign things are about to go wrong: dinos fall into the landscape and become invisible but can still attack and be attacked.

As @duke54 stated, foliage culling is key.

With big maps how do you render in the distance ? previously i’ve used Arma and that has a large satellite image for distances and up close it loads surface images, is UE4 the same ? I don’t find any guides that explain that part, so you can make real life looking terrains.

little confused on the question and i dont want to assume an answer to it because it maybe way off-base.

I’ve made progress, sort of :slight_smile:
Presuming that terrain creating is a similar process with different engines was wrong, UE4 is a totally different setup to how Arma does terrains, thanks for the reply though.