How can I make 1 key input work in two different ways?

So lets say I have a widget. On this widget, I have button blueprints. Lets call this the “Original State” of this widget. Now when I click a certain button blueprint that has an "On Clicked Event, it links to the Second State. On this Second Widget State, I have set it up to hide all other button blueprints from the Original State. At this point on the Second State, once I press a specific key, the widget returns back to the Original state. But now I’m wondering if I can make that same “specific” key that is pressed on the second state, load me to another level, but ONLY if that specific key is pressed on the Original State, not the Second State.

I can make the Original State of the widget load to another level, but only if it’s a different key input being pressed from when compared to Second State of Widget.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

How about:

EDIT: Looking at this further though, isn’t it enough just to have a couple of normal widgets for this?

I mean, it’s just you unload the first widget, load the second, the unload the second and load the first?