How can I made AI go to waypoint?

I am use this tutorial -
everything perfect.

I can spawn waypoint at game level but AI dont go to waypoint. Due to my loss of hearing, I cant follow YouTube. You try follow any never-seen YouTube tutorial with sound off. I dare you to.

The waypoint is pawn and I’ve try use AI Move To and attach AI to pawn and target of this waypoint. But my AI just stuck at HomeLocation. Remove AI Behavior tree and AI move to waypoint is working. Remove waypoint blueprint and AI Behavior tree working… bah.

What do I want? I want updated AI HomeLocation so it change their search area.

Hey Dan, most of the unreal engine youtube tutorial videos have subtitles (You can activate it via the “Caption/Subtitles” in the bottom toolbar)

So is this the move to that is playing up?



I made a behavior tree that worked for move to, let me find it.


Looks kinda similar




Auto Subtitle are not very good in YouTube… What Nazi girl doing in Blueprint tutorial? I have no idea.

Narghile, how can I create that blueprint? Step by step might be useful if it is simple.

Prob is, youtube vid. 95 mins long, and captions suck.

Do you use PC?


Also, you using BT so he patrols the attacks?

Or just learning about them?


Argee, I don’t want to watch all series when I need one thing to fix.

And yes I am use Surface Pro 3 - window.

I want to finish this prototype Ai, I am not learning it… because our programmer either too lazy or quitter. Once I get fund I can hire someone do it for me, Artist is my thing.

Not sure it will help

You could use snippit instead of taking photo with camera, that is all


Thank I’ll check this out.

I just manged got this blueprint working but waypoint fail to set location.

I just open… it is T3D file… Unreal engine 4 cant read that?

Here my Gameproject 20 mb.

Well, Epic Games types very clear & accurate captions on their videos, it’s quite nice if you can’t hear.

This one

is good subtitle, sweet and short. AI for TargetPoint is easy to follow. use level blueprint.

Ai Behavior tree in text tutorial is best tutorial ever I see than any third party Unreal tutorial.

Any third party tutorial in YouTube is messy to me. too bad there are no Unreal tutorial for Targetpoint using AI behavior tree.

after study most of Fps game tutorial. I saw some of them use AI sensor and Make Noise…

I try this on my behavior tree and don’t working. can someone show me how it work?

I was think about create blueprint on spawn waypoint = Event Begain Play - Make Noise
and add sensor on ai and = Event on heard - ai move to

how can i add that in behavior tree?

What?! I just remove waypoint event begin play with press F…

Everything was working!!! AI with Behaviour tree worked and non-behaviour tree AI working!

Erm that mean I use wrong Event… Which one made event begin to made AI move to waypoint without have to press any keyboard?

How can I made AI go to waypoint? - Nearly there!

Yes! Yes!!! Just got behaviour tree working with new service!

Vector - how can I take waypoint location vector into AI behaviour Tree vector ? That all I need!

Ive done it. well not perfect but good enough for prototype while I fix the AI in the future.

Behavior Tree I set was not perfect because in first spot was work brilliant. but fail to follow waypoint 2,3,4… wait for 5 sec for waypoint clear and it was working fine… Ill need solve how to follow random waypoint if several waypoint had been spawn.

and I use [get all actor class] [for loop ] array to [cast to waypoint] then [get world location]

set blackboard as value and other one use set blackboard as object.