How can I loop music/sounds?

Hello! I want to loop the song that play’s on the main menu of my game, but I have no idea how. Can someone help me please?


Lots of different ways.

In the .wav file itself you imported, there is an option to loop the sound. That will make sure it loops wherever it is used.

You can also loop it as an option when you call it to play in blueprints, and also in ambient sound actors you place in levels. Finally, you can also loop it in sound cues.

I would advise you loop it in anywhere but the raw sound file itself


It’s a checkbox in the sound details:

( Double click the wave )


Both worked! Thank you

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You can loop a sound cue from inside the cue itself? I have a sound cue inside my level with the spatialize/attenuation settings setup. But i can’t find anything when i search “loop” inside the cue. I can loop the individual waves, but i have multiple waves connected to a randomizer. How can i make it so the cue keeps playing the waves. The waves don’t loop but the cue does?

Thank you

If you want the soundcue to keep looping through the waves you have connected to the Random node, then you can do this:

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Ah! I didn’t know about the looping node. Thanks for the tip!

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