How can I load in a map to ARK dev kit?

So I have been playing on a map called valhalla on ARK and it is a really good map and I want to know how I load this into ARK dev kit so I can see where say caves are and cool locations to set up instead of having to look in a ptera and flying around. So if anyone could tell me how to load in a map that would be cool and the map comes under mods when downloaded from steam.

I would expect it’s not possible.

It would most likely be similar to mods where the data is obscured during cooking to prevent theft.


I think he is right if your not from the UE4 Team and have no Epic Tool to encode the data its not possible.

This have some easy reasons, If someone make a for example a map and he is very unknowen by the community another famous Modder could load the fils in the Dev Kit cook it and say hey this is my Map ;D There are some making secrets not every Mod/Map maker want to share ;D