How can i load external images at runtime?

As the question says, can i dynamically load a PNG image, for example, and create a Texture2D from it?

I’m trying to create an game launcher with covers and i need this for loading the cover images.

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After doing further researching i answer myself: RaMa has is the key, again :slight_smile: .

The solution is in this post: (39) 's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required! - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

I have succesfully created my version of the function (blueprint callable), to load a file of the desired type to a Texture2D, and it works like a charm :D.

Thanks a lot for your contributions to the community, RaMa :3.

See ya!

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I’m trying to set material onto object at run-time from texture, normal map, displacement map etc. located in the hard disk. To achieve this i need to create dynamic material instance and set the parameter to the material by loading the image file at run-time.

I’m creating material from texture & displacement map image file. These image files are loading from folder using Victory Plugin’s “Victory Load Texture 2D from File” Node.

I’m creating the material instance dynamic of the “test material”. Now I’m setting the texture and displacement parameter as shown in figure 4. After creating material instance dynamic, I’m setting this material to the object.

figure[1] test material:

figure[2] texture:

figure[3] displacement map:

figure[4] Method:

Now here is the problem.

When I directly create material in material editor from texture and displacement map and set it onto object. It doesn’t generate** moiré pattern.**

But when I run-time set the material onto object using figure [4]. It will generate moiré pattern.

Here are the sample screen shots of both.

figure[5]: Material Editor result:

figure[6]: Runtime result: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I think the “Load Texture 2D from File” nodes is not calculating the Mip Map correctly.

I tried with following nodes but the result is same. 1> “Victory Load Texture 2D from File” (Created by rama) 2> “Load Texture 2D from File by Extension” (Created by you) 3> “Victory Load Texture 2D from File Pixels” (Created by rama)

I hope you will take this request into consideration. I would like to thank you in advance for your time and attention in this matter. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


“I have succesfully created my version of the function (blueprint callable), to load a file of the desired type to a Texture2D, and it works like a charm :D.”

Can you explain a litle bit more about how did you do this?
I work on project where is needed to read a textures from mobile device. So victoryPlugin is not working. Now want to try to create myself one, but no idea where to start :wink:

Thanks a lot for any hint

Nooo! The link is invalid. I have exaclty the same problem, but can’t seem to find an easy blueprint solution. If you read this, maybe you saved the answer from your provided link somewhere or can help me?


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Use the “Download image” Blueprint node

Just to note you have to use “file://C:/somefolder/somefile.jpg” as the URL not just a direct C:\somefolder\somefile.jpg

I know it’s been a while but if anyone has a similar query the node I use for this is “Import File as Texture 2D”


Just that! Via blueprint only


Hi. I am at this point desperate. Trying to use Rama’s plugin but it doesnt work. Do you have a blueprint / material photo I may view?

Hey folks @ChrisRapid94
Please try my plugin. It is free and open-source:

Please share your thoughts and suggestions how to improve it!


Thanks for sharing!
Support for more build targets: Android (for Quest 2), iOS, MacOS and Linux would be awesome. Also mipmap generation options.

Thanks for feedback! I’m looking forward multiple OS support as well as mipmap generation options

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used this the Loding succeed but the image doe’s not appear,BUT I FOUND THIS I WILL TRY IT:
Runtime Image Loader in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace (

It has been a while since I introduced a major feature to Runtime Image Loader. However, here is a brand new one, Runtime GIF loading (via libnsgif).

Besides that, the plugin still allows to asynchronously load an image of any possible format you might have (PNG, JPEG, BMP, TGA, OpenEXR, TIFF, QOI).

I also added support for Mac and Linux. There is limited Android support!



Here’s a way how! Check out my post.

Import an Image from Explorer in Runtime - Development / Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums (

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