how can I limit hero player spawns to 3

Hi all, I am desperately seeking help with limiting my hero respawn count to 3. I just want to have a counter that decreases by one on every death and moves to game over hud after 3 deaths.

attached is my current blueprint script or I have more details on the full question here

I currently have the player just re-spawning over and over. Please any help would be appreciated. Ive struggled to get clear instruction and there is nothing on youtube I could find.

Its such a simple scenario, why not just use a Multigate node with looping unticked and 3 branches (or whatever the number of lives is). Do away with extra variables / decrementing counters altogether, and let Blueprints do the work. Its up to you… But if you want to try the Multigate, just place it before / preceding Respawnplayer.

Thanks Clavos. Im open to totally changing it. Ill take a look at multigate option. Ive never used it before. do you have an example of it being used in this context by chance?

Thanks for replying

Honestly the best advice is just try it. First, its an easy node. Second, the hardest part is just clicking the plus sign on the right to add 3 out PINS that connect to a Spawn Actor from Class Node or whatever player restart / respawn method you’re using. Third, succeed or fail, you need to get used to just trying things out. That’s what Blueprints is all about, partially because the docs are so poor. If you’re still struggling, maybe take a step back and go through other devs projects. Here is a list of devs that offer insightful sample projects. Everything they offer is free and worth going through… :wink: