How can I limit a charcter's movement to only be a certain amount of units on a nav mesh

Bascially because things didn’t go as planned for a deadline, I need to use a nav mesh for my character’s movement. However because it’s a turn based game I don’t want the characters to move anywhere on the game’s board/nav mesh. So I was wondering if there’s a way to make it where a unit only has a certain amount of units it can travel before it stops, also setting in a minimum so it moves the full board tile.

I don’t know if that explains it that well but here’s a drawing of what I mean :slight_smile:

Navigation is unnecessary. You create a grid with central points and see which path is the worst = add array vector.
After one array touches the endpoint, you check which one is the shortest.
You can add environmental data, hex = desert, swamps, road.
Then the character goes from point to point array = Move to 1,2,3. As in the picture

(Of course, you can use navigation, Go to location 1,2,3)