How can i know when the Vector interpolation node has finished ?

Or interp node, it doesn’t have finish bool output. how can i calculate this ?

well… while a “Done” branch on the interp node would be nice a workaround is possible.

You have your target value and the real value… store the target value in a variable and check for it every tick.

Already thought about that, It probably never be equal because the value is not rounded, and it is scaling up with consideration to “Word Delta Time” So there probably always be a delta of about 0.02 seconds, and, the interpolation itself is not linear, It is doing an Eaz out, ( And i don’t have an option to control it, it would of been nice if i could ).

Try it. I doubt Epic would make an Interp function that never really got there… a loop that doesn’t end? naaah.

I already did, that’s why i’v said it…

oh… sorry then… it was just your wording that had me thinking you only thought about it but didn’t try it.

Well then, the only really dirty way I can think of is then to split the vector, and check XYZ is within 10 or 100 or whatever works.

There must be a better way?

Can you post your BP so I can play around a little?

Already deleted it, had to find an other solution, Yeah there is the break to axis node, but for some reason it didn’t work well, I just wanna know how to solve it so i can count on it the next time i need to use it. thanks anyways though…

As Sahkan said before, it’s because it is relative to the Delta Time.
It does in fact reach the target in the end (easily tested by bumping it’s speed up to something really high), though takes longer for those final few units. Consider it’s speed as half a sine wave on a graph. I have it working in my game where it just checks if current location = desired location after the setlocation node. Definitely reaches it.

I have been thinking about building my own function that will interp linearly to solve the problem. I’ll post it up when I get round to it (It’s far from a priority at the moment though, sorry).