How can I know the name of what is colliding?


I would like to know how can I get the game of what is colliding on the level. I need it because I want this :
“When the player collides when an other player, he lose life”
I can’t make a Begin Overlap because if the player go in a room and if in this room there is a trigger, the trigger will detect the player and sho the Begin Overlap will lose the life of the player.

So I need to know how to get the name of the object who can collides in the level.


“Other” output returns actor that triggered the event, you can get name from that or actually compare actors insted


Plus you can try to cast the ‘Other’ actor to a ‘Player’ (whatever class the enemy players are) and if it succeeds, take away his life

Thanks you guys!

I have de made this

I have made “Cast to pawn” and that’s it when I to a trigger the player don’t lose life.