how can i know the name of an array?

I create an array in blueprint.But i can not get its name or give it a name.

yes. using ‘Make Array’ only gives you an array.

If i’m reading your mind correctly you are just wanting to create a variable right? Go to your variables tab in your blueprint class and create a new variable from there, name it, and set it to be an array. simple as that. Hope this helps. If it does not, ill be glad to help in any way I can.

Edit: if you are wanting to add specific items to that array there is an ‘add’ node that allows you to add items to your array.

The problem is that i don’t know how many arrays i will need. I need create arrays in the runtime

What do you need to do this for? Why won’t you know how many arrays?

What you need is a 2D array. create a struct that contains an array of whatever variable you want it to be. then in your blueprint class make an array of that struct. badabing badaboom. now all you have to do is add your new arrays to the array of arrays.