How can I keep the character from spawning?

I just started using Unreal Engine a few days ago and I’m trying to make a basic menu screen. I have everything figured out except the player keeps spawning even though they aren’t supposed to. I’m using the basic third person blueprint.
Here is a screenshot of the menu screen:

And the blueprints for the menu level:

I’m sure there’s an easy fix but i just don’t know what it is.

In your Main menu Level, you want to change the Default Pawn Class in your GameMode for that level to a Player Character that is invisible.

A pawn is your player controllers visual representation in the game world and enables the player to interact with the environment as well. It doesnt always need to visible though.

Thank you!

Or create a new blueprint based on “GameMode” and set the Default Pawn class to “None.” Then set the GameMode Override to that blueprint in that level’s world settings.