how can i keep running widget when switch level to BP


i was try to make non-block Loadingscreen. and i made it with LoadStream and SubLevel.
but i want use OpenLevel for this. (UE4 4.8~)

There is two problem.

  1. Widget for Loadingscreen is dead when another level is openning. (v.4.8)
  2. Calling OpenLevel cause lag about 0.2sec

if possible, i hope Solution with Blueprint.

sorry for my english.
if you can’t understand my BAD english, i’ll modify this. thanks.

Loading objects will stall out the GPU while allocating textures, re-arranging VRAM, etc. If all you’re seeing is a 200 millisecond hitch, it may be that you can’t actually do better than that. It all depends on how big your assets are, how fast your CPU is, and how big your GPU RAM is.