How can I interact with multiple widgets at the same time?

Hello everyone,

I tried to follow a tutorial. Everything inside the inventory works, but I can’t interact with the “ThrowAway-Widget” at all. I tried to swap parts of the widget and so on, but I can’t find the error.
The only difference I have inside my project is that I started with a blank project and the tutorial started with the TopDown-Template.

See this [Link][1] for the tutorial.

To describe my problem more clearly. I have implemented the drag and drop of the Main Inventory widget and so I was able to check if the throw away widget gets always rendered behind the inventory. I tried to play around with the zorder I tried to deactivate the inventory nothing worked. I really don’t know what could be wrong with my widgets or what I can do to fix it.

Here is the ThrowAway-Widget inside the designer.

Thanks in advance. ^^

I solved it myself. The problem was that the visibility mode was set to “Not Hit Testable (Self Only)”, but I had to set it to “Visible”.