How can I integrate Steam?

yes I copied "[/Script/Engine.GameEngine]



NetConnectionClassName=“OnlineSubsystemSteam.SteamNetConnection”" yes I activates Steam Subsytem. Yes I use windows 7 and unreal engine 4.25.4 and It still doesn’t work. (1.1 MB)
Demo that has the steam overlay up and running. But be sure to run the game in standalone mode.

Added in the needed dependencies and turned on plugins.

4.27 is the lowest engine version I have installed though


seems doesn’t work. It just shutdowns.

You need to run it in standalone mode or pack it for the steam extension to work.
It does not pop up in editor.

I actually did comrade…

Do you have the steam sdk installed?

yes… also build is for 147. when that didn’t work (automatic generation) I just downloaded and replaced original steam sdk from Steamworks but that failed too.