How can I inject to my C++ codes to blueprint character class

I want to use my C++ codes inject to blueprint character.Maybe I can use functions on blueprint but I have no more experience with Blueprint. So because of I have to use blueprint character class in my UI system working with blueprint character.How can I solve it …

Any c++ function can be accessed from Blueprint by Marking it as a UFunction with a specifer see Documentation. E.G

Void Foo()

If you’re looking to have a function defined in c++ and implemented in c++, but extendable in Blueprints. You can mark it with BlueprintNativeEvent like so:

    Void Foo()

If you want a function defined in c++ but to be implemented only in blueprints, you can use BlueprintImplementableEvent like so:

    Void Foo()

If you’re using BlueprintNative or BlueprintImplementable i belive you will need to define a Foo_Implementation() method, and put the implementation in there.