How can I increase the length of the tile from Endless Runner Tutorial?

Hello and thank you for reading my question, now :

I just finished this endless tutorial → Endless Runner: Overview & Player Control | 01 | v4.7 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

At the end of the tutorial I tried to implement some mechanics like: increase the length of the mother class tile so i can spawn more obstacles, with no success.

Can someone point me in to the right direction ?
Thanks Again and have a nice day!

Show us what you have so far and what isn’t working/what result you are getting. A link to a tutorial isn’t going to help much unless it is at the exact point where they are creating the mechanic you want and you can’t understand something. Otherwise we would have to sit through the entire thing to figure out what to do.


alt text

![alt text][1]

  1. After the scale of the tile, the walls aren’t attaching to the attach point.

  1. Before the scale, everything worked perfectly

What are pictures 3 and 5 showing exactly?? Pictures 1 and 2 look like you managed to scale the floor tile…picture 7 is odd/incomplete. Where are you using that transform? Why are you using the transform of the attach point (likely to be 1,1,1) Perhaps it is resetting what you have chosen in editor for the floor tile.

Is anything else i can provide?

Finally i manage to repair the bug, i had simply move on x axis the tile then put the attachpoint at the double of the location of the tile, ty for helping and have a great weekend and day!