How can I include an IDE within an educational game that teaches programming?

Trying to incorporate an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that players can access to input code during game.

You could describe more how you see this IDE work?

, Thanks for the response.

I am trying to figure out how a player could type code within my game and then have the game run the code. I am not sure how to include an editor so that it would check syntax.

I am also not sure what options there are. For example, can I display the editor in a web based window or do I need to use C++ and code the whole IDE within my game. Lastly how do I use the user created code in my game. Do I have to compile the file and then restart the game or can I have my game automatically compile and then use the code or do I need to have a web based game to achieve this functionality.

Thanks for any feedback you might have.