How can I improve?

Here is some work that Ive done but Im not happy with the quality. Can you guys give me some advice how to improve this?








Good start. Get rid of the bloom all together and play with the post processing volume setting, contrast, AO, saturation etc. Work on your materials in particular the fabrics and choose better assets/furniture.

Yeah the reflection/gloss/specular for the materials look really off to me. After that the biggest thing to improve is the lighting.

Improving the Lighting and shadows will work wonders for it. For example the hallway with the bottom lighting looks wrong, the shadow has too hard an edge on the floor, and there is something with the material and shadow interaction that makes the shadowed area look wet, then a hard edge to a fuzzier looking floor. To start remove the lights at the bottom it’s a source of some of the problems.

Sorry guys for late response, amazing feedback.

Some of the furniture choice had to be these, please dont ask why, maybe I can improve their models or something, but the shapes have to be like that. XD
Alright I will kill the bloom, play around with PP. Btw I have been stalking your posts man, your work is really good, I wish to bring mine to your level one day!
I really went for the simplest material possible, Im not sure what Im doing wrong, its literally a node for Color, Roughness and Specular for most materials…
The lights have to be there. I need to find a way to make them work. I tried the long shaped stationary lights, but they dont bounce right it seems. Good call on the floor material, gotta work on that.

For most materials, you don’t need to adjust the specular value. The default value with no textures plugged into it will give you the most realistic result. But if you are doing glass, gems, anything transparent or more complex than most materials, you might want to play with it a bit. Or if your are doing something more stylized.

Maybe try bringing the under lighting way down, right now it’s blown out.

It’s a good start and has lots of potential. But if I’m not mistaken there’s something quite wrong with the global illumination. There should be way more bounces, subtle shadows, etc.

@ZacD Alright, seems like I tried too much and broke the lighting. So only tweak it for glass, gotcha. Im not going for stylish.
@mikepurvis I will try that.
@srmojuze Thanks! My render times will grow so much, but I guess I have no choice but to overpush a few values.

There are much better guys than me here to take advice from but thanks for the complement anyhow. :slight_smile:

Yeah it takes time to find the right values that give you the quality you want within a reasonable bake time.

That said, certain thing like additional bounces (or something like that) can improve visuals with a minimal hit on bake time. Like IIRC you can set it to 50 or 100 bounces and it looks very nice compared to 3 or 5 bounces. This parameter alone IIRC does not affect bake time significantly.

All the best! :slight_smile: