How can I improve my performance?

Hello members of the UE4 forums I have a question how do I improve my performance? I have a rather awful graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB) to be exact So is there any way to improve my performance?

Buy a new graphics card, that one will not be able to run UE4 at all. Based off that spec you might need to just get a whole new computer.

From my brief experience the minimum specs to succesfully develop on UE4 over the next several years is Haswell, Haswell-E or Skylake i7, 16GB of RAM, Nvidia 970 or 980 with 4GB VRAM (or equivalent AMD, but Nvidia has VXGI, GameWorks, etc. if you want to explore that), and a 256GB SSD with large HDD. Screen-wise a 24" or above with a resolution of 2560x1440. You could get by with less but I suspect you’ll find yourself struggling after a while.

I upgraded two days ago to 16 gb ram and that makes a difference, if projects are getting bigger.
@srmojuze nice sys specs, but that is prostuff and expensive. i run i 2500k not overclocked 560ti and now 16 gb ram, a ssd for system, standard hd for unreal and i am happy with that.
When you dev on high end, howto be safe that midend could play your game?

Good points, I’m currently “deep” in doing concept art, I haven’t even gotten to the game part! As for cost, should anyone be looking for a less “pro” system, I reckon a Haswell Core i5 Quad with 16GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD, Nvidia 960 4GB, should be alright too… around USD $1,000+ the last time I checked.