How can I import my skeletalmesh? - "failed to find any bone hierarchy"

ok,so,i used the unreal joint tool kit make a basic skeleton for unreal,exported it no problems,i made a gun model in maya,and then animated it,(i just parented a single joint to the gun and then animated it,is this the right way to animate a gun for a game?)i then export all from maya to my desktop,but when i try to import the gun into unreal engine 4,i get error “failed to find any bone hierarchy” i would prefer to use the epic games skeleton tool kit to export the weapon with my model but there is a huge lack in tutorials for the unreal engine 4 and maya on this subject,can anyone please tell me what im missing.all i want is to use the gun i made and animated and use it as the main gun in the unreal engine.

How many bones are in the gun? Are they all parented to one master bone in a chain? I dunno if required in ue4 but ue4 required at least 3 bones.

ahhh,that my friend might be the problem lol
i only had one joint for gun since the gun moves as a whole,i really hope that is the problem,thanks XD

nope,i just used 3 bones in the gun this time,still the same problem :frowning:

It should be a pretty simple process for you.

In Maya:

  • Select your mesh
  • Shift+select your root bone
  • Skin > Bind Skin > Smooth Bind
  • Again select just the mesh and the bone (nothing extra if you have them in the scene)
  • File > Export Selection
  • Choose FBX, make sure to include Smoothing Groups, Deformed Models, and Skins
  • Import it into UE4 as a SkeletalMesh

Also, please be sure to read over all the documentation for the FBX SkeletalMesh pipeline:

Is it the case that skeletal meshes have to be skinned? What do I do if I have a rigidly linked hierarchy that I want to export and animate?