How can I import my Blender model with parent/child transforms applied?

So I’m trying to export a character model from Blender to Unreal, and I have it set up in a parenting tree (parenting line? Idk what to call it, but I basically have some parts of the object parented to others) so that I can animate without a rig, as I don’t like how rigs bend and deform meshes… When I try to export to Unreal, however, all the transforms are completely messed up. As far as I can tell, it’s because of the parenting tree I talked about earlier, because the body (the biggest part of the model) and everything directly parented to it haven’t been affected (although I am using Mirror modifiers on some things, so there’s a chance it could be that).
I was just wondering if anyone knows of a solution to this problem. Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Hello! As for rigging - you can set all weights by your hand and this can fix bending problem. I think you can import all parts in separate meshes with correct pivots and after that just use attach logic when building full figure.