How can I import excel file in widget blueprint

I want to import excel file , show table filter data , and sort data in table like this

What will I do ?


You may have to pay out of your ears, but this may help:

How is $20 “pay out of your ears?” That’s an hour and twenty minutes at minimum wage. Can you write this plugin in that amount of time?
(I have no idea if it’s any good, but I think that more-specialized solutions do deserve some reward for being available – people need to eat!)

Evidently, there is an Excel plugin available which would be the way to go.
An alternative would be to export CSV files from Excel and read those in Blueprints but Excel plugin I’m sure the cleanest solution.

Ok, it’s not that expensive… I had some other ones lined up before posting that. and they were more expensive. Just a typo.

now I try to import as csv file How i can display the tables